All SaraBeautyCorner Fun Intros! Hype!

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SaraBeautyCorner intro compilation with DIYs, bloopers, great music and dance routines! Extremely cool if you’re Sara Beauty Corner fan!

All SaraBeautyCorner fun intros in one crazy video! This youtube video is a collection of all the intros I have done in the past 3 years. Check out how many DIY crafts, pranks, morning routine, night routine videos and life hacks I have filmed! To watch the full videos click the links below and learn how to make the DIY projects, pull funny pranks and prank wars or learn useful life hacks to speed up your daily routine. Putting together this compilation has made me realize how much work went into SaraBeautyCorner channel in the past years. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey!

Nail Hacks You Need to Know! 18 Nail Art Tricks! –
Car does Art! 15 DIY Projects Made by a Car! –
I Tried Making Cake With Balloons! Food Challenge! –
School Struggles and How to Fix Them! Can You Relate? DIY, Hacks for Kids! –
Toys in School? Pretend Play DIY Slime, Squishy School Supplies Pranks –
DIY School Supplies! 10 Easy DIY Crafts for Back to school! Hacks & Pranks –
Sneak Candy in Class! 19 DIY Edible School Supplies & School Pranks! –
DIY Room Decor! 10 DIY Room Makeover Ideas for Teens! –
How to Prank your Teacher – Sneak Makeup in Class! School Pranks and 15 DIY Girl Hacks –
DIY Morning Routine – 25 Life HACKS to Get Ready Fast for BACK TO SCHOOL! –
How to Sneak Candy in Class! School Pranks and 15 DIY Edible School Supplies! –
DIY Edible Makeup Pranks! DIY Makeup Tutorial with 10 Funny Pranks and Life Hacks –
PRANKS! 12 Funny Pranks Compilation & Best Halloween Prank Wars –
School HACKS! 12 DIY Back to School LIFE HACKS –
DIY School Supplies! 12 Weird Back to School Hacks! –
DIY Phone Case Life Hacks! 20 Phone DIY Projects & Popsocket Crafts! –
DIY Crafts: DIY Summer Life Hacks, DIY Room Decor & More –
DIY Makeup Hacks! Makeup Tutorial with 10 DIY Makeup Life Hacks for Beginners –
Experiments to do at Home! 14 DIY Science Experiment Ideas for Kids! –
DIY Night Routine Life Hacks! 30 DIY Hacks – DIY Makeup, Healthy Recipes & Room Decor –
DIY Makeup Life Hacks! 12 DIY Makeup Tutorial Life Hacks for Girls –
DIY Halloween Costumes Out of Candy! 15 DIY Projects for Halloween! –
DIY School Supplies! 10 Weird DIY Crafts for Back to School with DIY Lover! –
DIY Clothes Life Hacks – 10 DIY Ideas –
Morning Routine Life Hacks – 35 Life Hacks and DIY Projects You Need to Try! –
DIY Giant Lollipop! How to Make the Biggest Candy in the World! –
DIY Lipstick & Lip Balm Out of Candy! 3 DIY Makeup Projects (Galaxy, Rainbow) with AlejandraStyles –
How Girls Get Ready – Realistic Get Ready With Me! –
DIY ROOM DECOR! 10 DIY Projects for Winter & Christmas! Decorating ideas for a Frozen Room –
DIY Gift Ideas! 10 DIY Christmas Gifts & Birthday Gifts for Best Friends –
DIY School Supplies & Room Organization Ideas! 15 Epic DIY Projects for Back to School! –
Morning Routine (10 DIY Ideas, Makeup, Healthy Recipes) –
DIY Clothes! DIY 5 T-Shirt Crafts (T-Shirt Cutting Ideas and Projects with 5 Outfits) –

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