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in this video i brought to you few styles of how to make eye make up tutorials , Learn how to use eye shadow technique to change the way you do your eye makeup forever.

Do you ever feel like your makeup routine could use an upgrade? We’ve got you covered!
Learn how to make dual lipsticks, hilarious cheap hair curlers, dye those curls with eyeshadow, dress up only using a scarf, all that and much more! No more last minute stress – beauty tips – here we come!

While this is meant to be work for all eye shapes after much trial and error I tend to disagree. Very round eyes, deep set eyes and especially LARGE round eyes this technique does not work very well. It gives a very odd look to the eye which isn’t very flattering. While it might be MY technique and I’M doing something wrong I’ve yet to get this to work accurately. When an eye shape is very extreme (Round as an example) I think its best to try and go with that shape rather than trying to alter it to look longer. If you have round eyes and try this technique out let me know what you think. Thank you.

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